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A sample of the past, a taste of the future

(By: Day Dreamer December 8,2000 3k)

Family life for Dreamer couldn't be better

(By: Day Dreamer October 29,2000 19k)


(By: Day Dreamer October 8,2000 31k)

Emotional Exchange
Parts 1 and 2

(By: Day Dreamer September 18,2000 84k)

Lovers Tiff

(By: Day Dreamer September 11,2000 21k)

Double Date

(By: Day Dreamer September 6,2000 42k)

Heidi's angels

(By: Day Dreamer August 26,2000 23k)

Baby Blues

(By: Day Dreamer August 29, 2000 22k)

Pit boss strikes again

(By: Day Dreamer August 30, 2000 17k)


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