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Unbreak My Heart

(By: Racergirl December 30, 2000 10k)

General? Or Housewife??

(By: Racergirl July 13, 2000 4k)

Found Love? Got Victory??

(By: Racergirl June 8, 2000 68k)

Just the two of Us

(By: Racergirl June 8, 2000 5k)

Wish apon a star

(By: Racergirl June 7, 2000 7k)


(By: Racergirl June 3, 2000 5k)

For You My Love

(By: Racergirl May 19, 2000 2k)

The Urban Legand

(By: Racergirl May 8, 2000 67k)

Double Dare!!

(By: Racergirl May 3, 2000 5k)

April Fools!!

(By: Racergirl May 3, 2000 7k)

Bath Time!!

(By: Racergirl May 3, 2000 3k)


(By: Racergirl May 4, 2000 3k)

A Regular Romantic

(By: Racergirl April 8, 2000 5k)

Poem of Love

(By: Racergirl April 8, 2000 2k)

Happy New Year

(By: Racergirl March 21, 2000 3k)

Love of My Life

(By: Racergirl February 20, 2000 4k)

Why or Why Not

(By: Racergirl February 17, 2000 9k)


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